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Student Government

ASB President - Mia Puljiz   

ASB Vice President - Samantha Johnson

ASB Secretary - Ellen Nunes

ASB Treasurer - Sami Asefi

Class of 2022

Senior Class President - Andrew Avrit

Senior Class Vice President - Emma Doughtie

Senior Secretary/Treasurer - Serena Magee

Class of 2023

Junior Class President - Malorie HIll

Junior Class Vice President - Kayla Keller

Junior Class Secretary/Treasurer - Kyomi Glasper

Class of 2024

Sophomore Class President - Schleby James

Sophomore Class Vice President - Julia Arrizon

Sophomore Class Secretary/Treasurer - Skylar Bailey

Class of 2025

Freshman Class President - Peyton Radke

Freshman Class Vice President - Avalon Dwight

Freshman Class Secretary/Treasurer - Grace Leach


*Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions to any of these students involved in student government.