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DVC Dual Enrollment

Drop in to start your application, or if you are currently enrolled, sign up for the next class!
DVC Dual Enrollment Application workshop for Spring 2022
DVC Dual Enrollment Application and Registration Process

Step 1 - Start the application process by clicking CCCAPPLY. Instructions on how to fill out this portion are found here.

*Important to note at this junction - You MUST finish the entire application. After you receive the CCCID (take a screen shot), and select "continue" to take you to the rest of the Step 1 application. Use PERSONAL EMAIL. You are done when you get the confirmation page. Take a screen shot again as the confirmation number on that page is important.

Now you will need to look out for a DVC's welcome email in your personal email account (this can take up to 12 to 24 hours). You MUST verify your application on this email FIRST before they will give you your DVC Student ID number. With that number, you then go to Step 2a.

Step 2a, Insite - Go to then follow instructions. It will ask you to reset your password. Remember this new password. Now you are done on this site. Go to the next step below.

Proceed to Step 2b, Click on Alhambra Dual Enrollment Form. Instructions are available here.

After Step 2b, your parents (or guardian) will receive an email and will need them to sign off (instruction as above, from page 6 to 13).

What happens next - AHS Principal will need to sign off, followed by DVC, then we can go on to Step 3 to register for your course. Please note that you will NOT be able to complete this process until the three parties endorsed your application.

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