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Student Government

Contact your student leaders with questions or suggestions. 

ASB President - Julia Lloren

ASB Vice President - Yuvi Virk

ASB Secretary - Lily Skinner 

ASB Treasurer - Jake Bower 


Senior Class Co-President- Jyseille Gabiola

Senior Class Co-President - Josh Prince

Senior Class Vice President - Tim Sherry

Senior Secretary/Treasurer - Arianna Arabshahi


Junior Class President - Lucas Haller

Junior Class Vice President - Lexi Hurd

Junior Class Secretary/Treasurer - Kassidy Armosino


Sophomore Class Co-President - Sydney Bower

Sophomore Class Co-President - Sarah Sutton 

Sophomore Class Vice President - Shannon Kelly

Sophomore Class Secretary/Treasurer - Gabrielle Panelo


Freshman Class President - Jennifer Lopez

Freshman Class Vice President -Deandra Lara

Fresehman Class Secretary/Treasurer - Emma Doughtie &  Hailey Greenwood


Executive Advisor- Mikela Patrick