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Rita Tuan


I'm Ms. Tuan, the Computer Science and Algebra 1 teacher. I am an alumnae of UC Berkeley with a Electrical Engineering and Computer Science degree and I love to bake, cook, and hang out at cafes. If you know any good places to study that serves amazing lattes let me know!


For my computer science classes, I can't wait to introduce and deepen your understanding of computer science. Technology is quickly becoming embedded in almost all areas of life. Whether you aim to become an engineer, scientist, historian, musician, or artist, computer science and programming are going to be valuable additions to your set of knowledge and skills. If you're curious as to how computer science is related to each of those above, just ask!


For my math classes, I love asking all the why's and how's. Why do we learn to factor? How are polynomials used in the real world? There's a reason to why we learn the things that we do in school. Sometimes, we'll directly use them in the future. Other times, we won't directly use the skills that we learn, but knowing them gives us the power and ability to understand those who do and it teaches us to tackle the challenges in this world. Come to class ready to learn and struggle through many challenges. The process and your learning is worth much more than just that answer.


My class materials can be found on our class Haiku Power Learning page:


Algebra 1:

Algebra 1A:

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AAA Batteries

AA Batteries


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