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Carol Sullivan


My assignments, discussions, and assessments are now on my Haiku page.  Please check it out continuously as well as checking on your grades via the Student Portal.

Click here for Haiku access:


About me...this is my second year back at Alhambra High School.  I graduated from the University of Nevada-Reno with a BS in Elementary and Special Education, Chapman University with a MA in Special Education and a CLAD Credential from Brandman University.  I truly enjoy working with the wonderful students, staff and parents of AHS.  I am honored to live and work in this wonderful community.

I urge you to check in often for new updates, study tips and vocational information.

  Check out my HAIKU page here:


Period 1:  Assess

Period 2:  Co-Teach English 9

Period 3:  Learning Center

Period 4:  Co-Teach English 9

Period 5:  Learning Center

Period 6:  Prep