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Brian Wheeler


About me ...  I am in my fourth year of teaching at Alhambra High.  I love teaching Automotive Technology to my students!  I spent 30 years in the automotive repair industry and I now use the skills and knowledge I acquired to prepare my students to repair their own vehicles or for entry level positions in the auto repair industry. My classes are a blend of technical instruction and shop work.  Because the modern automobile is so complex, it requires instruction in both the theory of operation and hands on training in order for students to fully appreciate and understand what is happening under the hood of their cars.

Our program here at Alhambra boasts one to one computing in the classroom along with many of the industry standard diagnostic tools used in the modern auto shop.  In addition, Bull dog Auto is home to the Northern California winners of the 2012 Ford/AAA automotive diagnostic repair competition!  Alhambra Auto is certified by the National Automotive Technicians Training Foundation (NATEF) and participates in the Automotive Youth Education System program. Our goal is to stay on the cutting edge of instruction and provide for our students as many opportunities as possible in the automotive repair industry..



Period 1:  Auto 1/Auto 2

Period 2:  ROP Automotive Technology

Period 3:  ROP Automotive Technology

Period 4:  Auto 1/ Auto 2

Period 5:  Auto 1/ Auto 2

Period 6:  Prep

Period 7:  Prep

Bulldog Auto
Bulldog Auto