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Elizabeth Barré


Bienvenue au cours de français!

Bienvenue to the French class. I am Madame Barré, your children's French teacher. 

I have been teaching French at Alhambra High for the past 5 years. I love the students, and I love to teach them. French is my native language. I grew up in France near Paris, in the countryside, for 23 years. I started my studies at La Sorbonne in Paris, and then finished them at Saint Mary's College in California, where I moved to 9 years ago. I also got my teaching credential at Saint Mary's College. 

I speak French, Spanish and English fluently. I also speak and write Italian, but not as good as the other languages, but I am working on that!! I love languages, and I can't stand  not understanding people, therefore I like to learn about people's cultures. 

I hope to instill that passion that I have for the French language, and the French culture to my students.  

Alhambra is a great school to work at! 

A bientot!


Period 1: French 1

Period 2: French 2

Period 3: French 1

Period 4: French 3 & 4

Period 5: French 2

Period 6: --

Period 7: --

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