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Marianne Griffin


Welcome! 23 years ago I started teaching at Alhambra High School and 21 years ago I took over the Student Activities Program/Leadership Program. I enjoy working with the students of Alhambra and feel honored to be a part of this community. I prefer email contact if possible. Go Dogs!

Students - please log into your school gmail/haiku pages on a daily basis - This is where updates for the class will be posted and all handouts posted. In most cases, I will list a weekly plan with assignments due and the class plan for the week. Please email me with questions or if you will be absent and need clarification about class work.  My email is


Period 1: 

Period 2: 

Period 3: Careers in Teaching

Period 4: Duty period/activities

Period 5: Student Leadership

Period 6: Student Leadership

Period 7: Senior English 

Black and White Bulldog