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Fall Sports

Boy's Fall Sports


Cross Country


2019 Schedule






2019 Schedule - All Levels


2019 - Varsity Schedule



2019 - JV Schedule



2019 - Frosh Schedule



2019 Summer Training Schedule



2019 Schedule

Tough Dog

Alhambra Football 2019 Summer Training Schedule

July 1 - 3: On-Field Practice (Weight Room after for JV & Varsity)

July 4 -5: Off/No Practice

July 8 - 11: On-Field Practice (Weight Room after for JV & Varsity)       

July 15 - 18: On-Field Practice (Weight Room after for JV & Varsity)

July 22 - 25: On-Field Practice (Weight Room after for JV & Varsity)

         During the 4 week block in July listed above, practice will be        Monday-Thursday each week at the following times:

Frosh: 4:00-6:30 Practice

Varsity/JV: 5:15-7:30 Practice/7:45-8:15 Lift

July 26 - August 4: No Practice

August 5: Official Start of Fall Season

August 5-9: . Mandatory On-Field Practice - Every Day

August 12-13: Mandatory On-Field Practice

August 14: First Day of School/Regular Practice Schedule after School                           Every Day

During the 2 week block listed above, practice will be from Monday-Friday in preparation for our scrimmage. These practices will be fully padded.

Frosh: 4:00-6:15

Varsity/JV: 5:15-7:45

August 17: Scrimmage @ American Canyon for:

JV @9am/Varsity @1230pm

Aug 19-23: First Game Week- Practice Every Day (same times as above)

JV/Varsity vs College Park on Aug 23 @430/7pm (Home)

No Frosh Game

September 2: We HAVE practice on Labor Day. It is a GAME WEEK.          

Players are expected to be present during scheduled team activities. Football is a huge commitment and requires a great deal of preparation. Our schedule is set-up to give players and coaches the time needed to prepare properly for the season while allowing time for vacation/time off.  Please make every effort to schedule vacation to coincide with the designated weeks off.  

Girl's Fall Sports


Cross Country


2019 Schedule





2019 Schedule




2019 Schedule




2019 - Varsity Schedule


2019 - JV Schedule





2019 Schedule